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Peer-to-Peer, Phish-to-Pod: Lateral Learning at the Dekko Foundation Apr 8, 2016 GrantCraft Read how the Dekko Foundation empowers their youth philanthropy leadership board, phish (Philanthropy Ideas Strategy Heart), to make youth philanthropy more effective.

The Before and After of Grantmaking: Fundraising and Engagement Apr 8, 2016 GrantCraft This case study explores the Teen Grantmaking Initiative (TGI), a program of the Center for Arab-American Philanthropy (CAAP), which is itself a program of ACCESS, a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of a just society for Arab-Americans.

Top 10 Best Practices for Youth-Led Innovation and Change Apr 1, 2016 FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund; Global Fund for Women Top 10 lessons learned from funders supporting and integrating youth-led innovations and technologies.

Nurturing Lifelong Philanthropists: Developmental Insights Mar 4, 2016 Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana This paper by Stephanie Stilson, PhD., Developmental Psychologist, Naflion, LLC, explores how youth development correlates with a young person learning and experiencing youth philanthropy.

Generations Together Mar 1, 2016 National Center for Family Philanthropy Generations Together is an online resource that helps young adults, teens, and children explore family traditions and goals, learn about giving, and understand how philanthropy works. This practical new resource provides a series of modules that...

Wearing It Well (for Good) Mar 1, 2016 Stanford Social Innovation Review With Kid Power, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is using technology to leverage children's desire to help other children.

How to Mobilize Youth in Service Feb 26, 2016 Philanthropy News Digest Based on the lessons they've learned from their three youth-oriented programs, the Jefferson Awards Foundation has established a four-step process that engages young people in service by focusing on their interests and making participation easy,...

Why Youth Philanthropy Matters, and How to Make it Work Feb 23, 2016 The Hillborn Group Youth philanthropy is gathering steam. As more of us come around to recognizing the potential of young people as change makers, non-profit organizations of all kinds are making efforts to empower younger generations and engage them in philanthropic...

Build Your Future: The Next Step for YouthBank in Banbridge, Northern Ireland Feb 16, 2016 YouthBank International This case study examines a potential link between YouthBank and a new social enterprise programme emerging in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, where young entreprenuers have just completed their first module in an eighteen month programme, 'Build Your...

Philanthropy 101 Feb 4, 2016 Learning to Give Watch this video to learn more about Philanthropy 101, a curriculum developed by Learning to Give that has been a transformational experience for many graduates of the Westminster Schools, where it was created.